by Ian Bravender

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released April 20, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ian Bravender Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: No Regrets (All Your Life)
Before you take flight,
A debriefing, final rites
A fair share of success
A share
But the truth is
You spent all your life preparing for your afterlife

Did you forget nothing?
Will you forget blushing?
Honors with distinction
A slave, a useless minion
All your life preparing for your afterlife

One mustn’t have regrets
But I’ve done better yet
‘Cause logic’s left you blind
Prepare your useless mind
Did you think all your lies prepared you to die?

Could there be something more?
‘Cause all I’ve known is this bloody war
But peace is finally here
Track Name: Smoke Rising
Through the rolling grass, no snow here
Waves of living green, have no fear
The smoke on the rise, cleansed by constant flow
The creeping vines, all that we know
To the smoke

The millions of years of the rise and fall
The life of spring into the death of fall
The burning vitality of a live sun
The freezing death
The inescapable
To the smoke

The immaculacy of the window pane
Bless the cathedral with divine grace
Where we are from, where we are going
Where we are now
There’s smoke rising

There’s smoke rising in the cathedral
In the refuge from evil
In our very homes
There’s smoke rising
Track Name: Dens
Send my love to Transjordan, cross the desert of our lives
But when he’s here, hide the knives
Float with me across the river, let me float with you
‘til condensation see us through
Lay my head upon your chest and breathe a heavy sigh
Stay silent while you lie
On and on, the sand is bare, the hills lay flat tonight
Something’s still not right

Crawl into your dens and make sure to close your eyes
This dirty aftermath’s been filling up the skies
Inject me with medicine and feed me to the gods
When you go for the eyes make sure to avoid the claws

And it goes down

All alone, the night is bare
Trembling racing from your home to here
We're not alone the sun is waiting for the moon to give her way
The joy of life is giving way to something easier to say
We're all observers, less than pawns and more than kings
We’re gathering our things

Wrong or not the time is here
Warming, cooling, burning, coming near
We're not alone the sun is waiting for the moon to give her way
The joy of life is giving way to something easier to say
Each one is weak but all together we're a wave
Push everything out of the way
Track Name: Golden Arches
There’s a plague
And it’s wrong
And it’s tearing away at our innocence
Our selfish needs it’s tearing away
The voices on the radio just keep on blaring away
We’re always welcome here

Bring us a better life
And let us walk through your arches of gold
But our independent heart is still growing old
And fading

Like the ocean rips the earth from its bearings, away
Into the black depths
There’s something watching, it’s staring away
There’s something powerful
Eroding me
There’s something powerful
Eating away

Make us civilized
And let us walk through your arches of gold
Strip away our impurities, strip away the cold
And make us warm

Bring our troubles to light
And let us walk through your arches of gold
Destroy our history
It’s what your forefathers foretold
Let us erode

Destroy the dissenters with peace
And show them your arches of gold
Or bring the guns and bloodshed
Reach right in and rip away control
Leave us to burn
Track Name: Sick
I was alone in Paris, I was on my own
Let the heathens tell me what they know
And if we’re feeling alone, I know just what we can do
Pray ‘til the heavens open their arms, too
What we don’t know is widening our eyes
And if we’re wide-eyed and open then release the flies
But if you’re nervous and scared, I know someone you can trust
And we will preach it ‘til you believe us

Your blood is filled with the deadly virus
So don’t come close to me
Principal causes of the epidemic
Let me know that we are finally free

I was wrong and wronged but I still kept my stride
It was oh so wrong to open up my pride
I want to know if it was worth the cost
Let our leaders return the letters that they lost
But if hope is a science, chemicals are blank
Demanding costs will empty the whole tank
We’re all lost in a world that teaches us wrong from right
But beneficial evil’s hidden in plain sight

We’ve heard that sickness is the one solution
We know industry’s a revolution
But when I’m all alone at night, the animals still bite
We know that profit is the one priority
We know right now matters to the majority
But when we look into the sun
I feel like I’m the only one who knows

Track Name: Sink or Swim
As we push through our lives
Choices scatter and shift
Where we put all our hope
Consequently will drift
Still we reach for the stars
Try to do what is right
In the heart of the storm
We can do nothing but

Fight! Against the crashing
Waves! Forces pushing to
Bend! And eventually
Break! With a sickening
Crash! Make my heart skip a
Beat! A cracked heart it will
Snap! With no base we will
Fall! Leave our bodies to
Push me under
Swimming in a rising tide, you can’t hear the crash!

Crash! When your allies are
Dead! All your friends turn to
Foes! Know that you’re all a-
Lone! Take their warning to
Heart! Current rip us a-
Part! Be afraid of the
Dark! ‘cause the unknown will
Scar! But if you brave the
Rough! Standing on solid
Ground! Build a lifetime of
Trust! But remember who
Lies! Hold your head to the
Skies! Until the lightning
Strikes! In the heart of the
Storm! You must learn how to
Swim! Otherwise you will

With fluidity
Open up your eyes
And rip us apart
Let go of your life
If you’re all alone
Find your way out or
Build your empire
Brave the current and
Track Name: Orthodoxy
You’ve long tangled with freedom, but our choices lead us into the wide open sea
In the name of our fathers
Whose times were before us
Your uneven rules will lead to unbelievable guarantees

Or ration all of my responsibility
Battered and beaten, oh we are civilian
Oh, it’s bigger than me
We’re overboard but discovering undersea
The past we looked but the present it took us still
Oh it’s bigger than me

The merchants and the traders, all betrayers and traitors
Will go their separate ways
In the name of our creator
We’ll look past the invaders
A shot in the dark is worth more than a surrender in the light

Succumb to the erosion, it won’t dampen the explosion
But only make us weak
The patient is sinking
Our nation is sinking!
And obsolete notions of static mobility drown in the end!
Track Name: Breaker
Our bodies break
And the blood just spills and spills
But here we sit debating that

It's just a shame
My hand just kills and kills
There's gotta be an end to that
Track Name: False Sentinel
I was raised among the waves
And drifting out along the shoreline
I was welcomed in

In the dark above the reef
Spreading shoals around the moon's eye
And the silver eye, the world unseen

The water separates
The clouded eyes dilate
And the current breaks
The current breaks

I was laid among the waves
And the current breaks
Track Name: The Patient is Sinking
Little light puddles, LEDs
Watch the pixels dance with ease
Everything given, enough
I’m living my life in HD

Your soul is in the screen
Clutter-free and clean
All autocratic
It’s automatic

Pixels growing bright
Digital delight
We fade to static
It’s automatic

Mindless waste of time
Sit back, let me shine
Fair and pragmatic
It’s automatic

I‘m getting out of here
Hopeless with no fear
Do not interfere
I’m leaving, is that clear?

And now we’re riding down the river, flowing with the water
My boat was built strong, sill my boards begin to creak
We’ve hit rough spots, floated through tough spots
Now it really feels like we’re floating out to sea

And now we’re riding down the river, flowing with the water
My boat was built strong, sill my boards begin to creak
And when the urgency really dawns on me
I’ll try to stay awake, but all I do is fall asleep
Track Name: Waters
Under the ground
Born of the sound
Lines up and then down
Just as chaos will
Until you are filled
But anarchy’s fake
Because those who live high
They control our take
And the jaws of the ocean crash down

Over my head
Join us instead
You’ll end up ahead
We will not repent
Satan pays the rent
But corruption or debt?
We are puppeteers
And you are a marionette
And the jaws of the ocean crash down

The water sweeps me wide
Wash over me, leave me with nothing to hide
The power swings me ‘round
Go with the flow, but there’s no flow on the ground
Who’s in control? Who’s in control here?
Who in the god damned world could put a steady hand on all of life’s demands?

The light flickers on the waves
The waves lap up on our hull
As we drift peacefully away

The sea extends in all directions
Fear quivers in my heart
As I hesitate chivalrously

Nothing lives in these waters
We just drift through the rough
As I live torturously
Track Name: Grow
Something’s going on and we don’t know
Oh, something’s going on and maybe we will never know
But something’s going on until we know
Until we know
We’ll never grow

The dirt is sand, the atmosphere is dry
The capsule shot, the powder singed, the effort for the lie
Time is racing, passing every day
Our eyes are all avoidant, and turning every which way
For anything to get it off our minds
Nothing swings a pendant like a master of disguise
It’s over now, we’ve had all of our fun
Giving up the fight but then the battle's just begun
Something's going on and we don’t know
Until we know
We’ll never grow

All caught up in stories about youth
Oh, but when I was a boy, yeah I could tell what was the truth
Now approaching assumption of a man
Though I know that almost grown means about nothing in the end
I’ll always look on forth to any path
Our fellows and our leaders can’t decide how we should act
Yeah all the different ways to live a life
Can be summed in layman’s terms as simple as “be nice”
But everyone will construct their own raft
But that’s what makes us beautiful, and that’s what lets us last

Now caught up in stories far away
They keep us wide awake ‘til far away is here today
Now today was yesterday and now we’re dead
The profit or the carbon tax is all over my head
We’re wading through the metal mine tonight
We’re waiting for a sign, or just a moment to deny
Something’s going on and we don’t know
Until we know
We’ll never grow
Track Name: Calm
Moon’s over everyone
It's bigger than you
This is to everyone

I can see everyone
More than just you
This is for everyone

I’m ready for anything
Especially all those who
Reacted to anything

Moon’s over everyone
Bigger than you
This is to everyone

Alone in the night time
We waited a lifetime
Waiting for the right time

Crawl over the lifeline
We waited a lifetime
Waiting for the right crime

This ship is sinking fast I know it
Riding out our last I know we
Haven't got much left all between
Us and the adept
Those who are able
To get past this hole

A respite for your worried mind
The clock is just about to chime
Into a world of fantasy
The happiness is sugar free
And the lights
They gleam
With calm